What is Acne Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition that affects the skin on the face and eyelids. When present in the eyes and eyelids this is known as

ocular rosacea.

What is the Causes of Acne Rosacea

We do not know the exact cause of Roasacea but it is thought to be a hypersensitivity reaction to bacteria that normally live on the skin in the oil glands. It tends to run in fair-skinned people and with people who tend to blush easily.

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Acne Rosacea

  • Red or flushed skin.

  • Pimples and bumps on the skin

  • Dilated vessels across checks, nose and eyelids

  • Skin thickening – when occurring on the nose it is known as rhinophyma

  • Blepharitis

  • Dry Eye

  • Blurred vision (due to damage to the eye surface)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Acne Rosacea

The diagnosis of rosacea may be made by your medical doctor, a skin doctor (dermatologist) or your ophthalmologist. This is done by simple examination of the skin and eyes by your doctor. Your ophthalmologist will also look at the surface of your eye to evaluate if the condition has caused any damage.

Treatment of the condition usually involves taking antibiotics both in the form of a pill (doxycycline) and in topical creams applied to the skin (Metrogel, Azelaic Acid). The length of time you have to take this treatment depends on the severity of the condition but it is usually several months. Acne rosacea tends to be a chronic condition that reoccurs. In addition to medications affected persons should avoid triggers such as, spicy foods, hot drinks, alcohol and stress.