Initial                                                                                                                    £300

Routine Follow-up                                                                                                £150

Extended Follow-up                                                                                            £200


*If you haven’t been seen for more than 6 months you will require an extended follow-up appointment. If it has been more than 2 years since your last visit you will need to be seen as a new patient.


Diagnostic Testing


OCT of the retina and disc                                                                                 £140

Topography                                                                                                           £75

Biometry                                                                                                                £75

Visual Fields                                                                                                          £85

Tear-film Analysis                                                                                                 £50


Office Procedures


Punctal Plugs                                                                                                        £150

Amnionic Membrane                                                                                           £400

(special ordering required with £250 upfront deposit)

Maskin Probing                                                                                                     £150

Blephex Lid Scrub                                                                                                  £75

Nasal-lacrimal Flushing                                                                                        £150


Surgical Procedures

All surgical procedures take place at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon. Initial consultation and diagnostic testing are performed at the Moor Eye Care Clinic. All surgical fees are paid directly to the hospital


Cataract Surgery

Fees are inclusive of surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, local anesthetic, initial consultation, diagnostic testing (OCT, topography, biometry) and up to 2 follow-up appointments.


Standard Monofocal lens                                                                                      £2700 per eye

SBL-3 Bifocal lens                                                                                                  £3000 per eye

offering far and near vision correction

Custom Toric Bifocal lens                                                                                       £3300 per eye

custom made lens special ordered from Germany. It may take up to 5 weeks to arrive. Corrects astigmatism and far and near vision correction. Deposit required for lens ordering.


General Anesthetic                                                                                                 £300

Available if necessary for the safety or comfort of your surgery



Yag and Argon laser                                                                                                  £415

(£165 hospital fee and £250 surgeons fee)


Eyelid Surgery

Chalazion Removal                                                                                                     £300

per one chalazion


Benign Eyelid growth                                                                                                £400-700

Initial consultation required prior to the procedure.



We accept most insurance providers, but to ensure that your visits, testing, and procedures will be covered please contact your insurance company prior to booking your appointment. We will require that you have your membership and authorization numbers prior to your appointment.


We have negotiated with your insurance company a standard pricing schedule for our office visits and procedures. You may still have an excess charge on your policy which will be payable to Moor Eye Care at the time of your visit. Please ensure you know if you have an excess charge due prior to your appointment.


Please note that not all procedures are covered by your insurance company. Make sure you are clear about your coverage prior to agreeing to treatment as you will be held responsible for any unpaid charges.