Patient Testimonials:

Hear what people are saying about the service at Moor Eye Care

"I brought my teenage son to see Dr Pandit for his dry eye condition as I wasn’t getting an accurate diagnosis of his condition from the doctors at our local hospital. Although it was quite a journey, it was well worth the visit as Dr Pandit diagnosed the issue and underlying cause which was inflammation of the conjunctiva.  This then allowed us to get a treatment plan for his eyes and to also treat the underlying cause.  I would like to very much thank Dr Pandit for his quick and accurate identification of the issue and the follow up letter for the attention of our GP."



"I was recommended to Dr Pandt by a fellow Professional after experiencing a long term, very uncomfortable problem with my eye. Dr Pandit examined my eyes, explained his assessment of the problem, suggested a treatment plan including on-going medication. He wrote to my GP with a detailed report of his findings and copied me in, which was helpful, as one can often miss details after the consultation ends!  I have recommended him and his Service to others of course!"




"I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Pandit for doing my cataract operation.  I would also like to say the reassurance you gave me with having them done, made all of the difference.  I hope other pateints can be reassured, how marvellous it is, and I never felt any PAIN. Thank you."



"Mrs B has an excellent result from bilateral cataract surgery by Mr. Pandit at The Great Western Hospital."

Mr R Finlay

Locum Consultant Ophthalmologist